Where do I go to get started?

Start by joining a Car Club and participating in Driver Training days.  It's a great way to start and usually very social. The BMW Car Club of Victoria or Phillip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC) is a good place to start.

Alternatively, try a high quality Driver Training school such as The John Bowe Institute of Driving where you can start with a basic Driving to Survive course and work through to High Performance courses, or an Observed License Test.

How do I join E30 Racing ?

Download the Membership Application form here, send it to the membership officers with the appropriate fee.

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What Equipment do I need?

You will need the following:

• A BMW E30 built to E30 Racing specifications (see the Technical Regulations Page on this website)

• Cars must have a CAMS compliant Roll Cage and safety equipment. Cars are then issued with a Log Book, which verifies racing history and any damage done to the vehicle.

• Regulation Race Suit

• Regulation Racing Underwear and Socks

• Regulation Race Boots

• Driving Gloves

• Helmet & balaclava

• HANS Device

All of the race apparel above can be purchased at places like Revolution Racegear or Raceline Motorsport Racewear.

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Can I buy a Car ready to race?

Yes. 9 out of 10 times this is the cheapest way to start and there are often cars available to lease or buy. The Classifieds Page on this website regularly lists E30 Race Cars for sale. You can also check out race car classifieds sites such as My105.com or Racing Classifieds. Workshops such Northern BM or Bell Motorsport will also be able to assist you to source a car or discuss building your own.


What type of License do I need?

For Car Club sprint days or track/practice days a CAMS L2S is usually required and can be obtained through the host Car Club.

For E30 Racing, a CAMS Provisional Clubman Circuit (PCC) or higher licence is required.


How do I enter a competition ?

If you need guidance for submitting an entry to a round of E30 Racing, contact our Tracks & Clubs Liaisons Officer (see the Committee page) for guidance. Entries are ordinarily submitted directly to the Track or Club hosting the event you wish to enter, and the requirement documentation will be found on their respective websites.

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Point Scoring

For each race, points are allocated based on finishing position. Points from all races are then added to give the round total.

In order to maintain parity between meetings with different numbers of races, round points are awarded to each competitor based on their round total. The following points system is applied to both race placings and round championship points:


Placing Points   Placing Points
1st 25   11th & 12th 10
2nd 22   13th & 14th 9
3rd 20   15th & 16th 8
4th 18   17th & 18th 7
5th 16   19th & 20th 6
6th 15   21st & 22nd 5
7th 14   23rd & 24th 4
8th 13   25th & 26th 3
9th 12   27th & 28th 2
10th 11   29th & 30th 1