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24th October 2012

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BMW Drivers Cup 2012

Its been a great year - a new set of front runners, new lap records, new tyres.. Stay tuned

Round 6 - Winton, September 29th - 30th

Another win and a new lap record for Alan !

Steve (with another PB) and Gary filled the minor placings, and David made a brief return.


Round 5 - Sandown, July 21st - 22nd

Steve Seizis won the round, thanks to good consistent performances in every race.

John and Paul filled the minor placings, also being rewarded for consistency.

Brian won the first round and then had a DNF, while Alan improved from a DNF to a 3rd and two wins, but couldn't make up the leeway.

... and every driver achieved a personal best !!


Round 4 - Winton, June 9th - 10th

Alan Saint with another round win from Stan Armstrong, who set a new lap record, with Brian Bourke third and David Levy fourth. And again, personal best lap times from almost everyone.

Round 3 - Wakefield Park, May 5th - 6th

Congratulations to Alan Saint, who won the round from Stan Armstrong and set a new lap record as well. Glen Potter from Canberra was third, with Paule Kertes fourth. And again, personal best lap times from everyone


Round 2 - Phillip Island, April 21st - 22nd

Well - what a weekend !! Congratulations to Matt Martin, who won the round from Alan Saint.

Stan Armstrong was third, and Simon Lyne fourth.

The results were spectacular - everyone had a personal best time (except Matt, who didnt need it)

... and then the hail came down, wiping out the third race


Round 1 - Wakefield Park, March 3rd - 4th

Round One of the 2012 drivers Cup was held as a support race for the Wakefield 300.
Alan Saint showed us all the way on a track that varied between merely saturated and completely flooded....

The Canberra boys turned up and did well, and all competitors had a great weekend


Videos on You Tube....

See the action as if you were there - click on the link - and watch the other videos as well

BMW E30: In-car action with Brian - Race 3 Winton November 2011

BMW E30: In-car action with Brian - Race 2 Winton November 2011

BMW E30: In-car action with Brian - Race1 Sandown July 2011

BMW E30: In-car action with Brian - Race4 Sandown July 2011

Rob Braune is the 2011 BMW Driver's Cup Champion




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