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e30_small The 6th and Final Round of the 2017 Q1 Group BMW Driver's Cup is complete, and all drivers had a great weekend at the VHRR Historic Sandown meeting. 

In the E30 Racing class, Michael Holdcroft won both Races 1 and 2, with Brian Bourke in Second place for both races. In race 1 Tim Freeman took 3rd from Alex Jory in 4th and Rors Plant plant was unfortunately a DNF due to engine issues. In Race 2, Alex Jory made up a place to take 3rd from Tim Freeman in 4th and Rors Plant was again a DNF with a blown head gasket which ended his weekend.

In the final race for the weekend, Alex Jory got his maiden E30 Racing victory after Michael Holdcroft failed to finish, whilst Tim Freeman took 2nd place and Brian Bourke was 3rd. A particularly great effort from Alex who had only changed engines during the week following an engine blow up at Winton.

It was incredibly close and exciting racing all weekend and also a new lap record was set by Michael Holdcroft. Congratulations to Brian Bourke who won the round, from Alex Jory in 2nd and Tim Freeman in 3rd.

And with the completion of the final round of the championship, E30 Racing can now officially announce Michael Holdcroft as the winner of the 2017 Q1 Group BMW Driver's Cup. A big congratulations to Michael for his outstanding performance in 2017 in his first full year in the series.

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